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Made entirely of grade-A fibreglass, the Pro-X paddle is the lightest paddle availible. Not only is it strong and as light as a feather, the fibreglass shaft and paddle blades make it look sleak and stealthy.

If longer journeys are on the agenda, this is the perfect set for you! The all-black finish makes this paddle look neutral against any kayak.

The paddle blades are shaped nicely for effortless paddling, and are made of fibreglass mixed with poloypropylene for extra strength. The paddle breaks down into two peices for storage from a strong, seamless join with a steal locking button.

SPECIFICATIONS:• 215cm total length.
• Multiple feather settings
• Performance-sculpted blades made from a fibreglass/polypropylene mix
• Fully fibreglass shaft
• Cold weather grip with blade indicator
• 2 drip rings

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